Livelihood Programme

A project on promotion of Livelihood through Integrated Dairy Farming, Vermi-composting and azolla cultivation is being implemented by NABARD in association with Channel Partner-Janlakshya, Katihar under its Umbrella Programme in Natural Resource Management (UPNRM) with 30 farmers of Chilmara & Facia villages of Katihar district. It started last year in the month of December”15. A loan of Rs.29 lakhs & grant of Rs. 3.55 lakhs was provided by NABARD for 30 beneficiaries in the project. It’s a unique project as it covers cost of training, veterinary facilities, Al facility and salary for project coordinator for effective monitoring system out of the grant support. 


Earlier, these farmers were involved in agriculture only and few of them had low milk yielding varieties of cow. Through this project 02 cross breed cow will be purchased with average milk yield of 10-12 litres per day. They purchased their 1t cow in the month of January/ February 2016 and loan for the 2d cow will be given next month. Jitan Singh, one of the beneficiary says that the loan process was very easy transparent& corruption free. He also told that not only he is getting pure milk for his family but also he is able to earn about Rs.6500 per month by selling milk of one cow. After deducting monthly loan installment of Rs.2000 and expenditure for feed & fodder, he is able to save about Rs.2500 per month as net pront. t will further increase after purchase of 2nd cow. 


Not only this, with the vermi compost which is 100%o puie he is able to save money on purchase of fertilizers& pesticides and the vegetables grown are heaitie for self-consumption as well as for selling. Also azolla has not only increased milk yield by about 0 also reduced the cost of feed for cow.Milk is purchased by the milkmen and they sell it further in town market.In future, If they are unable to sell milk through milkmen then milk will be sold to Sudha milk collection centre.How are to scale up things are being designed “SUDHA” milk markeing of Government of Bihar.