Our mission

  1. To work for improving the status of health services through programmes for maternal and child health, rural health, disabled, blind, leprosy, AIDS, mentally ill, natural calamities, epidemics and addiction. Alternative medicine segments of potential utility like Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda will be promoted.
  2. To bring about complete literacy amongst the masses especially by targeting intensively the underprivileged section.
  3. To promote and propagate population control measures by motivating the masses and by conducting tube ligation and non scalpel vasectomy camps.
  4. To work for environment and energy conservation and pollution control and promote research work and technologies for developing alternative sources of nutrition.
  5. To work for upliftment of women and towards eradicating all forms of women torture and evils.
  6. To enhance opportunities of employment and achieve self dependence by promoting animal husbandry, dairy, horticulture, fishery, nursery, cottage industry, hand crafts, sericulture, agriculture, fruits and fruit based products, cold storage, etc.
  7. To work for agricultural development by instituting scientific farming methods, quality seeds, advanced tools and equipments and adequate training of farming and enhancing land productivity.