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About Janlakshya

Established on: 18th September, 2004.

Theme: Swasth Jan, Shikshit Jan, Samridha Jan, achieving ultimately a Samridha Rastra.

Achieved through: Focused programmes on health, literacy, environment, pollution, natural calamities, women empowerment, employment and agriculture. 

Registered under: 

  • Societies Registration Act 21, 1860
  • Sections 12 A and 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961
  • CSR 1 Registration
  • Section 11(1) of the Foreign contribution (Regulation) Act 2010
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010

Activities at Glance

Village Adoption

All focus programmes are instituted in a very needy adivasi village Marwa in Amdabad block of Katihar district. The community is off the standards in all social parameters and surprisingly, the village remains secluded from the main land due to flood for around 2 months.

Health Programme

Hospital, OPD Consultation, Telemedicine consultation service, Cataract surgery, Family planning, HIV screening, Leprosy, Diabetes, Hypertension, Blood donation, Rural health, Oxygen concentrator service (for COVID-19), Deaddiction and mental health

Population Control

Conducting tube ligation in females and vasectomy by “NSV” technique in males at highly subsidized rates the year round. Motivation is done by Janlakshyahealth workers who are given incentive for same. During winters every year tubectomy and vasectomy camps are organized in the rural areas by surgeons of Janlakshya.

Environment Conservation

To preserve the balance of environment the organization initiates, activates and promotes means, measures and regulations for environmental conservation, and pollution control at all levels individual, community, administration and government

Awareness Programmes at multiples levels are organized towards hazards of air, water and sound pollution, plastic, biomedical waste, occupational and industrial wastes.

Blindness Control

It is a priority programme of Janlakshya oriented to achieve complete blindness control through mass scale cataract screening and IOL surgery camps.

Literacy Programme

Janlakshya literacy Programme works through units of 20 to 40 educationally deprived children where, a teacher delivers education and practically useful knowledge for 2 or more hours 6 days a week. The teacher also takes care of their welfare.

Disaster Management

A comprehensive programme for calamities care during earthquakes, major accidents, floods (as Koshi Flood 2008, Bihar Flood 2017, and annual floods thereafter)

Women Empowerment

Support to widows of underprivileged section through monthly pensions, annual cloth distribution at the place of their residence and free of charge healthcare benefits at Janlakshya hospital.


Opportunities are generated by promoting establishment of nursery, fishery, dairy, horticulture, farms, sericulture, apiculture, jute and other hands and crafts centre. Cash payments are done on monthly basis to aged restitutes with no employed dependents.Destitute with poor family & financially Support

Ambulance Service
For Booking Dial

We have done

Medical Help

1 +

Free tubectomies performed.

1 +

Free operations done to BPL patients.

1 +

Free Cataract Surgery

1 +

Livelihood-cow rearing

1 +

Free Cataract screening

1 +

Free Operation Performed in Katihar

1 +

Free Telemedicine Service during corona pandemic

Training & Development

1 +

Candidates trained in Health Assistant/ First Aid.

1 +

Candidates trained in midwifery

1 +

NABARD supported livelihood training to farmers

1 +

Candidates trained in computer

1 +

Literacy programme for rural children

Pension Plans

1 +

Monthly Pension and Annual cloth support to poor rural widows